The carbon account: a climate & social justice mechanism to
slowly greenhouse gases. Every citizen receives a carbon budget, and companies are required to label their carbon content, thereby encouraging them to decarbonize:

Reduce allocations by 6% each year, distribute among all citizens, stimulate businesses and public services.

I choose whether to cut down on meat or air travel, and I manage my carbon budget...

Egalitarian, it values the sobriety of the most modest through a universal climate income...

Faire assez, mais pas trop, satisfaire les besoins, mais stopper les accumulations de toutes sortes, avec plus d’autonomie alimentaire locale

Armel Prieur

President of Escape-jobs, author of " Satis"

The carbon account offers a unique opportunity to actively involve citizens in implementing climate policy!

David Van Reybrouck

Historian, author of We are colonizing the future

Turning the resolution of the ecological question into an opportunity to activate frugal prosperity through post-growth

Dominique Méda

Paris-dauphine and Institut Veblen

We need to be able to track the carbon footprint of all citizens, without hiding behind the technical difficulties and the question of trust...

Thomas Piketty

Paris Economic School

We propose that the individual carbon quota mechanism be put to a national referendum.

Dominique Bourg

Philosopher, Fondation Zoein